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    Last updated: February 8, 2004

    Marville Airport Drive

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    Marville in Europe

    Marville Airport Layout

    Marville Meuse Drive


    Other References with Connections to Marville

    1. 1 Wing Marville Home Page of Ren L'Ecuyer offers in excess of 5,400 photos and many other features - Authors E-mail: Mr. Ren L'Ecuyer wrote mein February 2004:

      I am a Canadian - now retired and living in Mexico. I joined the Canadian Air Force (RCAF) in 1956 and served a career with the Air Force until 1979. During this period of time, I was fortunate to have served a total of 10 years in Europe - as follows: 2 Wing - Grostenquin, France (September 1960 to July 1964 - when the station was closed) 1 Air Division Headquarters - Metz, France (July 1964 to January 1965) 1 Wing - Marville, France (January 1965 to September 1965) Lahr, West Germany (1974-1979) I consider the time that I spent in France with the RCAF as the highlight of my military career. As I approached my second retirement, I decided to establish a web site on the Internet (1997). One thing led to another, and during the past six years - what started as a "part-time hobby" has become a "full-time obsession". In my case - I was revisiting my past - with the help of other ex RCAF personnel and their families. There is no end in sight. :) Feel free to make use of my previous detail on your Marville page if you wish. Finally - I always enjoyed my visits (and there were many) into Luxembourg. Best regards. Ren

      The Canadian government joined NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) in 1948. The military commitment from Canada - as far as the Air Force was concerned - was a location for a Headquarters (Metz France - 1 Air Division Headquarters). 1 Air Division was to be comprised of four airfields - called "Wings" - hence:
      1 Wing - Marville, France
      2 Wing - Grostenquin, France
      3 Wing - Zweibrucken, West Germany
      4 Wing - Baden Soellingen, West Germany
      2 Wing was closed in July 1964. Air Division HQ at Metz and 1 Wing Marville were closed in the summer of 1967 when French President Charles DeGualle pulled France out of NATO, and as such all foreign NATO military personnel in France had to depart from France. The Canadians simply relocated 1 Air Division Headquarters (Metz) and 1 Wing (Marville) to Lahr, West Germany in the spring-summer of 1967. Feel free to ask any other questions - of you have any. Best regards. Ren
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    5. RCAF - The Royal Canadian Air Force - The History & Heritage of Canada's Air Force from its inception in 1924 to the present
      1. 439 Squadron history from early 1932 to the present, The Unofficial Homepage of 439 Tiger Squadron contains over 762 pages of rare photos and 294,000 words of text, gleaned primarily from declassified 439 Squadron operational and photo archives, as well as contributions from former Squadron members and private photo collections.
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    12. Gary Kirsner Auctions Sale - 2102 (PR) Page 54
    13. Grostenquin France - Emergence of Air Transportation - Assorted Sources
    14. Grostenquin France - Memories of the Comet - Jim Rittinger
    15. Les anciens de CMR52 Ex-Cadets
    16. Volume 24, No. 4 The USAF In France 1950 - 1967 by Jerry McAuliffe

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