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    Farm Pletschette

    In the booklet about raod crosses and monuments: "Weekräizer a Monumeneter an der Gemeng Medernach", one can read on page 65: The farm was in the past castel farm of Beaufort. The people had to pay "den Zingten" (one tenth) until 1920, at that moment an arrangement was made, so the tenth was paid off by a certain amount of money! In total 5 official documents (Akte) exists about the tenth, each time a little less to pay. In the same booklet: The text above the door: MP MCP EL ANNO 1750 represents: MP = Mathias Petry EL = Elisabeth Lies constructed the house in 1750. It would be good to know why the farm is called "Farm Pletschette" Any help would be apreciated!
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