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    Meeting at the occasion of the visit from Jean-Marie Pletschette from Brazil Saturday, July 8, 2000 Ruppert Jean-Pierre, Pletschette (John) Emile, Monti-Pletschette Emilie, Pletschette-Olsen Birgit, Pletschette-Quinet Gilberte, Kerschen Francis, Pletschette-Peiffer Sonja, Monti Guy, Bertrand Ricardo, Pletschette Max, Pletschette Claudia, Pletschette-Steichen Gerty, Pletschette Jean-Marie, Kerschen-Pletschette Jeanne, Pletschette-Fonda Helena, Pletschette Norbert - Photo made by: Pletschette Fernand
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