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    THE PLETSCHETTE FAMILY OF NEUNHAUSEN        first version: June 24, 2000
    ====================================         last updated:  May 16, 2004
    1. Pletschette, John. *1644 - +1712
       oo Meyers, Cath. *?? - +1725
    2. Pletschette, Paul *?? - +1734
       oo Mertz, Marg. *?? - +1740
    3. Pletschette, Jak. *?? - +1750
       oo Mack, Marg. *?? - +1761
    4. Pletschette, Joh. *?? - +1755
       oo Rausch, Maria *?? - +1732
    5. Pletschette, Joh. *?? - +1769
       oo Wilwerding, Mari *?? - +1770
    Note: According to J-F Languy, there is something wrong with the 
    relationships on the above Ancestors, as there are only 114 years 
    to spread between 6-generations. Perhaps #3 & #4 above were brothers, 
    as they died within 5-years of each other.
    A. Pletschette, John. *1644 & Johannes, Pletschet +1783 = 139 years,
    Divided by 6 generations = 23+ years each.  Technically, it is 
    possible this could be correct. - C. Arnold
    6. Pletschet, Johannes *?? - +1783 
       oo Adamy, Anna *?? - +1770
       They lived in Neunhausen, in Wiltz Canton, in the 
       Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. We believe Johannes was appointed 
       "Burgermeister" (mayor) of Neunhausen in 1778. 
       *Note:  According to Marie Heusbourg-Thilmany's translations,
               Joannes Pletschet witnessed, for the Count of Esch-Saur,
               the signing of the 9FEB1778 document, appointing his
               son, J. Pierre Pletschet, mayor of Neunhausen. This would
               have made J. Pierre only 20 years old.   
       This was during the time Luxembourg was governed by Austria. 
       It is said 
       he owned the village, and all the people living in Neunhausen worked 
       for Johannes.  In turn he governed the people.  (Please note, on 
       the Family Tree or "Stammbaum" as given to me by Margot Kohl, his 
       name was spelled Joannes Pletschet with only one "t" at the end, 
       as were 
       all his decendents.  However, on the Pletschette Family Gravestone, 
       name is engraved as "Jak. Pletschette".  It is unknown how many 
       children they had.  However, as was the custom of his time, he 
       passed on his title and property to his oldest son:
       7. Pletschet, J. Pierre *1758 - +24AUG1818 
          oo Asselborn, Maria *?? - +1813 
    	Jean-Pierre was mayor of Neunhausen and signed with
    	"J.P. Pletschet, maeyer". 
          *Note: According to Maria Heusbourg-Thilmany, her records indicate
                 J. Pierre's son, Bernard, signed his death certificate even
                 though his mother, Maria Asselborn was still living.  
                 Therefore, her death date is incorrect.
                 Also, her records indicate J. Pierre & Maria had only three
                 children; Anna-Catherine *1792, Marie-Catherine *1793, and
                 Bernard *1794.
          It is unknown exactly how many children they had besides 
          Bernard *1785/86, Therese Pletscher *1794, Maria-Catharina *1796,
          Anna-Catharina (known as Anne Marie) *1801, and another Bernard 
          *1803, but again the title and property were passed on to their 
          oldest son:
    	8. Pletschet, Bernard *1AUG1785/1786?? - +8FEB1853 
             oo Kellen, Catharina (or Catherine Koellen) *?? - +1861
    	   Bernard was also mayor of Neunhausen and signed with
             "Bernard Pletschet, bourgmestre".
             (Notes indicate he may have inherited his title and property 
             in 1823?)  As far as we know, all of the following nine  
             children were born in Neunhausen:
         *Footnote:  Napolean defeated at Waterloo, Belgium, but visits
          Luxembourg in 1804.  In 1814 the French leave Luxembourg.
             9. Pletschet, Jean-Pierre *22JUN1814 - +29AUG1887 
                oo Loring, Anne-Catherine * 6DEC1824 - +1893 daughter of 
                Nicolas & Catherine Loring of Orsdorf)  Jean-Pierre was the 
                oldenst of Bernard & Catharina's, and thus inherited the   
                title and property of Nuenhausen. Together they had the
                following six children.  It is said Jean-Pierre only 
                registered the new born boys, the girls were registered by 
                relatives.  (Was this chauvinism?)
                10. Pletschet, Bernard Dieudonne Alexandre *4FEB1844 
                    Note: "Dieudonne" means "Gift of God".
                    Bernard was not married, and had no children to 
                    pass the title and property on to (neither did his 
                    brothers and sisters).  When he died the land was 
                    sold.  It is said the relatives who emigrated to 
                    America divided the money, while those who still 
                    lived in Luxembourg, divided the possessions.  
                    This was the end of the Pletschet family 
                    from Neunhausen.
                10. Pletschet, Sophie *19SEP1849 - +15JUN1913
                    Her name is engraved on the Pletschette Family
                    Gravestone.  She remained single and lived with her
                10. Pletschet, Auguste *15MAY1857 - +??
                    He became a Roman Catholic Priest, and later Director 
                    of the Agriculture School in Effelbruick.
                10. Pletschet, Anna-Maria-Mathilde *2MAY1859 - +27NOV1912
                    Her name is engraved on the Pletschette Family 
                    Gravestone as Mathil. Pletschette.  She remained 
                    single and lived with her brother in Neunhausen.
                10. Pletschet, Sophie-Emilie *12JAN1861 - +??
                    She also stayed with her brother in Neunhausen.
                10. Pletschet, Francois-Denis *16FEB1864 - +24DEC1936
                    oo Hubertin-Mathiedg, Matelet Marie (??)
                    They had no children.
                    He was a Professor and later Director of the
                    Lycee Classique in Diekirch.
                    Note:  There is a picture of him at:  
             9.	Pletschet, Pierre *4SEP1816 - +?? 
                oo Fourman, Anne Marie *21NOV1814 in Erpelding +??
                   oo 21FEB1836 in Eschweiler. They lived in Eschweiler.
                   Pierre was mayor of Eschweiler in 1849 for the first
                   time, and re-elected in 1861. 
                10. Pletschet, Anna Margaretha *1839
                10. Pletschet, Marie Catherine *29SEP1840 - +10SEP1900
                    oo Meyers, Egnance
                    11. Meyers, Petrus *13NOV1866 - +??
                10. Pletschet, Jean Pierre *1843
                10. Pletschet, Jean Pierre *1844
                10. Pletschet, Wilhelm *1846  
                10. Pletschet, Pierre *1848
                10. Pletschet, Anna Catharina *1850
             9. Pletschet, Barbara *01MAY1818 - +29MAR1822
             9. Pletschet, Wilhelmus *26AUG1820 - +??  Lived in Kaundorf
                (This Wilhelm may have been the GG-Grandfataher of Felix!)
             9. Pletschet, Anna Marie *8MAR1823 - +??
             9. Pletschet, Marie *30AUG1825 - +21MAR1865 (in Kaundorf)  
                She lived with younger brother, Jean Bernard in Kaundorf.
             9. Pletschet, Nicolas *13OCT1827 - *3APR1883 
                My Great-Grandfather  
                oo Wilmes, Anna Margaretha *1834 - +18APR1888 of Boeven
                *Note:  According to Maria Heusbourg-Thilmany, Margaretha's
                        parents most likely had no son, so their son-in-law
                        continued the Wilmes farm.
                It is said, that because Nicolas was not the oldest son, 
                and did not inherit the title and the property, he was 
                given ONE COW.  It is a standing joke in the family, to 
                hold up your thumb and say, "What can you do with ONE cow?"    
                So Nicolas & Margaretha took their one cow to Boeven, and
                together they had 12 children:
               10. Pletschet, Catherine (Katherina) *8NOV1853 - +?? 
                   oo Majerus, Nicolas *?? - +??
                   Together they lived in Rambrouch, Luxembourg.  
                   Catherine & Nicolas were grand-parents to 
                   Nicolas Collingnon.
               10. Pletschet, Sophie *18MAR1855 +07MAR1866  
                    (Note:  She went by the name of Josephine)
               10. Pletschet, Elisabeth (Elisabetha) *25JUL1857 in Hostert
                                           +18AUG1920 in Hostert 
                                            Buried in Folschette 
                   oo Agnes, Leonard Edward *23JUN1885 in Hostert
                                           +4DEC1935 in Hostert, 
                                           Buried 7DEC1935 in Folschette. 
                      He was the son of Nicholas Agnes & Anne Weniger.
                      oo 23JUN1885              
                      Brother to John Agnes. So two Pletschet sisters 
                      married two Agnes brothers!  Together they lived in 
                      Hostert, Luxembourg and had six children:
    xxxxxxxxx Information Missing Here! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
               10. Pletschet, Kornelius *10AUG1859 - +30JAN1932
                   oo Reichel, Rosalie *?? From Niederwampach - +??
                      oo Heusbourg, Elisabeth (2nd Wife) from Brachtenbach.
                         She was the sister of Maria Heusbourg-Thilmany's
                         Husband's father.  Kornelius/Cornelius was a 
                         teacher in Brachtenbach, and had no children.
               10. Pletschet, Peter *10OCT1861 - +9MAY1952 
                   oo Koetz, Anna *?? From Brachtenback
                      (Peter emigrated to the USA from Bavigne with his 
                      sister Maria, and Nicolas Wernimont, 22FEB1889 on 
                      board the Steamer Pennland.)  Note sure if Peter 
                      & Anna were married prior to Emigrating or not.  
                      It is said they emigrated to Spring Brook, Iowa, 
                      and later they lived in Brooten, Minnesota. It is 
                      unknown how many children they had besides Mary 
                      and John.
                   11. Pletschett, John O. *08DEC1893 - +FEB1966
                       oo Odell, Etta Marie *26JUL1896 - +14AUG1978
                           Burial 17AUG1978 in Brooten, Stearns Co., MN
                           oo 1933 in Brooten, Minnesota
                       12. Pletschett, Janet *??
                   11. Pletschett, Mary *?? - +??
                       oo Zimmer, ??
                       12. Zimmer, Bernadette *??
                           She is Sister Bernadette, a Catholic nun, 
                           living in Minnesota. (Note: She is the nun 
                           who researched this FT information with 
                           Margot Kohl & Maria Heusbourg-Thilmany.)
           10. Pletschet, Antonius *30APR1864 - + 26JUL1941
                   oo Stoffel, Kathrine (Catharina) *15JUL1874 - +??
                   oo 25SEP1888
                   Together they lived in Bavigne, 
                            and later in Hostert (Rambrouch)
                   She was the daughter of Peter Stoffel +05JUL1874 and 
                   Anna-Maria Peschon +13DEC188?  Together they had three 
                   11. Pletschet, Marguerite *22AUG1889 - +??
                   11. Pletschet, Elise *16MAR1892 - +??  
                   11. Pletschet, Marie-Madeleine *1897 - +1970
                       oo Kohl, Jean *1898 in Hostert - +1974
                       Together they lived in Rodange where they had 
                       a tailor's shop, and had 7 children:
                       12. Kohl, Antoine *1921 - +1943 in a concentration
                                                 camp in Hinzert.
                       12. Kohl, Louise *27SEP1923
                           oo Rodesch, Camille *15DEC1924
                           13. Rodesch, Annette  *03FEB1955
                               oo Boterdael, Jacques *25DEC1965
                           13. Rodesch, Christine *01JUN1959
                               oo Berns, Louis 
                               14. Berns, Thomas *05JAN1993
                               14. Berns, Claire *27OCT1995
                           13. Rodesch, Martine *04OCT1960
                               oo Elvinger, Marc
                               14. Elvinger, Olivier *14DEC1994
                               14. Elvinger, Veronique *14DEC1994 (Twins!!)
                       12. Kohl, Margot *25JAN1925  --- Tel: 309 874 
                           oo Moes, Jean *1927 - +1993
                           13. Moes, Serge *1959
                               oo Sicheneder, Marlies *1960
                               oo 08AUG1988
                           13. Moes, Sonny *31JUL1962
                               oo Wagner, John *25MAY1961 or 1963
                               14. Wagner, Lana *1989
                               14. Wagner, Max *1992
                               14. Wagner, Jenny *1997
                       12. Kohl, Joseph Doctor *1926
                           oo Gucher, Marcelle 
                           13. Kohl, Patrick  *1959
                               oo ??, Corine
                               14. Kohl, Alexandra 
                               14. Kohl, Guillaume 
                           13. Kohl, Dominique
                               oo Ludovissy, Guy 
                               14. Ludovissy, Laurence 
                               14. Ludovissy, Philippe 
                       12. Kohl, Aloyse *16APR1929
                           oo Thissen, Malou 
                           13. Kohl, Anne?  (Born / ?)  Married ?
                       12. Kohl, Charles *16APR1929  
                           Note:  Charles & Aloyse are fraternal twins!
                           Charles is famous artist, sculptor & painter! 
                           Charles Kohl, sculptor and painter, has several 
                           art prizes attached to his name and his work
                           has been shown in many exhibitions in the 
                           Grand Duchy and abroad. His large scale works
                           include many public monuments as well as sacred
                           monuments in sevral churches in Luxembourg.
    Ref: "Bomenzinnes" in Echternach
                       12. Kohl, Ed Kohl (film Scolaire) *19AUG1934
                           oo Muller, Marie-Paul *27MAR1938
                           13. Kohl, Gilles *03JUN1960
                           13. Kohl, Linda *12APR1965
                               oo Bastin, Philippe 
                               14. Bastin, Max *19NOV1998
                               14. Bastin, Tom 
               10. Pletschet, Bernardus *11AUG1866 - +15SEP1868
               10. Pletschet, Katharina-Sophie *3SEP1868 - +1940
                   (Catherina-Sophie) Pletschet 
                   (Note: She went by the name Sophie)
                    oo Agnes, John (Jean) P. *15JUN1863 in Hostert
    	                                 +9AUG1959 in Trail, Minnesota
                      He was the son of Nicolas Agnes & Anne Weniger
                      Brother to Leonard Agnes.
                      So two Pletschet sisters married two Agnes brothers!
                      They were married in Luxembourg and together
                      They emigrated to the USA (According to Maria 
                      Heusbourg-Thilmany's record on 24AUG1890, along with 
                      her brother J. Peter, known as "John") and lived 
                      in Trail, Minnesota.  When my Grandfather Joseph came
                      To the USA at age 16, he lived with John and
                      Sophie for four years. It might have been to pay 
                      Off his travel expenses, to establish citizenship,
                      And to become of legal age for homesteading rights. 
                      My records show Sophie & John had five children:
    xxxxxxxxx Information Missing Here! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Note: Nicholas Agnes & Anne Weniger had four sons all born in LUX.  
    Three of the four are connected to the Pletschette family.  
    1. John P. Agnes *15JUN1863 - married to Sophie Pletschette
               in LUX, and emigrated to the USA, and lived in
               Trail, Minnesota. 
    2. Charles Agnes *1861 - married to Marie Krier in Belgium
               and Emigrated to the USA. They settled in 
               Waltzenburg, Colorado. He opened a dry goods store there.
    3. Leonard Agnes *28FEB1852 - married Elizabeth Pletschette  
               and lived in Hostert, LUX. 
    4. Pete Agnes *?? - married ?? emigrated to the USA
               And lived in Trail, Minnesota.  Together they had a son 
               named Mike Agnes, who married Josephine Godes, who IS 
               related to the Pletschettes. 
             10. Pletschette, Marie Elisabeth *26SEP1870 
                                        +13SEP1937 in Mannette, Washington                                                  
                 oo ??, Godes 
                 Together they lived in Minnesota and Washington?
                 (Note:  Marie emigrated to the USA from Bavigne with 
                 her brother Peter and Nicholas Wernimont, 22FEB1889 
                 on board the Steamer Pennland.) 
    xxxxxxxxx Information Missing Here! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Marie & Peter Pletschette, both came over on the steamer Pennland
             10. Pletschette, Johann Peter *8APR1873 - +??
                 (He went by the name John)
                 *Note:  According to Marie Heusbourg-Thilmany,
                         Johann-Peter emigrated to the USA with his sister,
                         Sophie and her husband, John Agnes, 24AUG1890.
                 oo Mary Majerus *8DEC1878 - +AUG1972
                    John & Mary spelled their last name "Pletchett"
                    Together they lived in Trail, Minnesota and adopted
                    one son:
                 11. Joseph John Pletchett (Known as "Joe")
                                   *18SEP1908 +28SEP1999
                     John was never married, and had no children.
    Taken from the Times Obituary Archives:
    Joe Pletchett, 90
    Thief River Falls - Joe Pletchett, 90, died Tuesday, September 28, 1999
    at Oakland Park Nursing Home in Thief River Falls.  Mass of Christian 
    burial was held at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, October 2 at St. 
    Bernard's Catholic Church in Thief River Falls with Rev. Dennis 
    Wieland officiating. Carol Amundson was the organist, and the 
    cantor was Marie Nowacki. Casketbearers were Virgil Burger, 
    Jim Fisher, John Schmitz, Millard Nelson, Willard Fleegel and 
    Pat Klemisch. Burial was in St. Charles Catholic Cemetery in 
    Trail. The Green Funeral Home of Thief River Falls was in charge 
    of the arrangements.
    Joseph John Pletchett was born on September 18, 1909 in Trail, the 
    son of John and Mary (Majerus) Pletchett. He was baptized in the 
    Catholic faith and attended elementary school and two years of 
    high school in Plummer before quitting school to help on the 
    family farm.
    In addition to farming the family farm, Joe also worked on the 
    railroad. He resided at Valley Home in Thief River Falls from 1979 
    until January of 1992 when he moved to the CNC unit of Northwest 
    Medical Center. Since November of 1993, he had resided at Oakland 
    Park Nursing Home.
    He is survived by nine cousins, including Clara, Al, C.W., Roman, 
    Virgil, and Richard Radniecki, all of Oklee, Sybil Radnieki of 
    Brainerd, Weldon Stetter of Chicago, IL and Catherine Jorgenson 
    of Thief River Falls.  Joe was preceded in death by his parents
             10. Pletschette, Pierre-Joseph *30JUN1876 - +??
                 My Grandfather! (Known as Joseph or Joe)
                 oo Elizabeth Weber *30DEC1886 - +1945  
                    Together they lived Trail, Minnesota, and had 
                    six children, all born on their homestead.
                    (Note:  When Grandpa came to the US, he spelled his last  
                    name "Pletschette".  When his wife passed away in 1945,
                    the dropped the 'e' on the end as evidenced by Elizabeth's
                    funeral card. I assume at this time, all of his
                    descendents did the same.
                 11. Pletschette, Johnnie *1913? - +1918.  
                     He was trampled by the work horses on their farm.
                 11. Pletschette, Mary *10NOV1908 - +18AUG2000  
                     oo Homme, Marvin *?? - +1995
                        oo 6DEC1932
                        Together they lived in Gully, Minnesota, and had
                        three daughters:
                     12. Homme, Lucille *?? 
                         oo Godtland, Arne  
                         Together they live in Gully, Minnesota, and had
                         five children:
                         13. Godtland, Jeffrey *??                        
                         13. Godtland, John *??
                             oo ??, Terry
                             Together they live in Gully, Minnesota,
                             and had two sons:
                         13. Godtland, Linda 
                             Together they live in
                             and had four children:
    	               13. Godtland, Barbara
                             Together they live in
                             and had two children
                         13. Godtland, Rhonda
                             She lives in           Florida
                     12. Homme, Dolores *?? 
                         oo Lund, Ray  
                            Together they live in Embarass, Minnesota,
                            and had three children:
                         13. Lund, Elvira 
                         13. Lund, Bradley
    	               13. Lund, Tammy
                     12. Homme, Arvilla *?? - ??
                         oo Godtland, Dean *?? 
                         (brother to Arne Godtland & Esther Godtland)
                         Together they lived in Gonvick,Minnesota
                         and had three children:
                         (Note:  Dean remarried Diane Husseth of
                         Gonvick, 05AUG2000)
                         13. Godtland, Steve
                         13. Godtland, Pam 
                             Together they live in Grand Forks, 
                             North Dakota and have two children:
    	               13. Godtland, Julie
                 11. Pletschette, Ann *??
                     oo Peterson, Arnold *?? - +??
                     Together they lived in Gonvick, Minnesota, and
                     had five children:
                     12. Peterson, Louise *    +?? 
                         (Died in infancy from spinal bifida)
                     12. Peterson, Elaine 
                         oo ??, Harvey     
                         Together they live in        Minnesota
                         had 9 children:
                         13. Debbie
                         13. Donna
                     12. Peterson, Donnie *15APR
                         oo ??, Darlene       
                         Together live in               Minnesota,
                         had 7 children:
                     12. Peterson, Leslie *?? - +??   
                         (Died in infancy from defective heart)
    	           12. Peterson, Larry *?? 
                         oo Christenson, Carol *??
                         They Live in Gonvick, Minnesota.
                 11. Pletschette, Edward Mathius *27SEP1915 - +25NOV1985
                     My Father!
                     oo Halvorson, Maxine Gertrude *24NOV1920 
                     My Mother!
                     They were married in Bagley, Minnesota, 31AUG1940. 
                     She is the daughter of John Halvorson & Laura Maynard  
                     of Gonvick,Minnesota.  Together they lived in Gonvick
                     and Seattle, Washington. They had four children:
                     12. Pletschett, Constance (Connie) Joyce *5APR1941 
                         oo Christoff, Nicholas Anthony  
                         Married 27MAY1961 at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic
                         Church in Seattle.  Together they live in 
                         Boulder, Colorado, and had five children:
    	               13. Christoff, Carla Jean  *May 1962
                             (Died in infancy from Sudden Infant Death 
                         13. Christoff, John William *15OCT1963 
                             oo Nichelason, Laurel Lee *5APR1964
                             They live in Louisville, Colorado. 
                             Together they had four children:
    	                   14. Christoff, Caelyn Nicole *16JUN1988
                             14. Christoff, Kelly Morgan *3MAR1990
                             14. Christoff, Erin Jenae *3JUL1992
                             14. Christoff, Nicholas William *12OCT1993
                         13. Christoff, Corrine Louise *06AUG  
                             oo Jaster, Jim *??
                             They live in Aurora, Colorado.  
                             Together they had two daughters:
                             14. Jaster, Kimberly 
                             14. Jaster, Mariella 
                         13. Christoff, Teresa Joanne *??
                         13. Christoff, Michael James *??
                     12. Pletschett, Michael Edward *23DEC1944 
                         oo Crenshaw, Cynthia Diane *31AUG1947
                            oo 31AUG1968 
                         They currently live in Plano, Texas. 
                         Together they had two children:
                         13. Pletschett, Michelle Ann *06AUG1971 
                             She lives in Seattle,Washington.
                         13. Pletschett, Jason Michael *19APR1973 
                             He lives in Seattle, Washington.
                     12. Pletschett, Carol Ann *15APR1952  
                         This is me!
                         oo Arnold, Leland Robert *06JUL1950
                            Leland/Lee is the only child of Leland Emanual
                            Arnold and Allamay Tate.
                         Married at St. Bernadette's Catholic Church in
                                         Burien, Washington 25AUG1972, 
                         We live in Kent, Washington.  Together we had a
                         set of identical twin daughters:
                         13. Arnold, Denise Marie *22JAN1982 (Twins!!)
                         13. Arnold, Jessica Lynn *22JAN1982
                     12. Pletschett, David Eddie *27SEP1954 - +23DEC1954 	
                         (Died from a defective heart condition.)
                 11. Pletschette, Charles *??  
                     oo Godtland, Esther *12OCT1916 - +29APR1991
                     (sister to Arne and Dean Godtland) 
                     They lived in Trail, Minnesota, and had four 
                     12. Pletschett, Leo
                         oo ??, Kay            
                         They lived in Chicago and Gully, Minnesota.  
                         Together they had four children:
                         13. Pletschett, Vonda
                         13. Pletschett, Jeff
                             oo ??, Tracy              
                            The lived in Gonvick, Minnesota.
                            Together they had four sons:
                            14 .
                       12. Pletschett, LeRoy (Shorty)*14JUL1944 - +AUG1980
                       12. Pletschett, Evon
                           oo Quern, Gary 
                           They live in Gonvick, Minnesota.
                           Together they had two children:
                           13. Quern, David 
                           13. Quern, Cindy 
                               They live in Bemidji, Minnesota.	
                               Together they had two children:
                               14. Casandra
                               14. Thor
                       12. Pletschett, Richard
                           oo ??, Debbie             
                           They live in Trail, Minnesota.
                           Together they had three children:
                           13. Pletschett, Kevin  
    	                 13. Pletschett, Kimberly
                               For a picture, 
                               see: javascript:this.sFrameHTML
                           13. Pletschett, Kristen 
                   11. Pletschette, Nicholas *??
               10. Pletschet, Virginie *7SEP1878 - +8SEP1878
            9. Pletschet, Jean Bernard *24MAY1830 in Neunhausen
               oo Malget, Barbara of Kaundorf *12JUN1835 - +1JAN1895
                  oo 22FEB1854  She was the daughter of Michel Malget
                     and Maria Fridericy.  The bride's mother had 
                     passed away 14 years prior to their marriage, 
                     on 3JUN1840.
                     They took the farm of Michel Malget in Kaundorf.  
                     Together they had 11 children of which only five 
                     lived to adulthood.
               10. Pletschet, Wilhelm-Michel *04JAN1855 - +1919  
                   oo Kerschen, Marie-Therese *04OCT1854 in Soller +28NOV1930
                      oo 21JAN1890  (Marie-Therese was a sister to wife of 
                      Wilhelm Pletschet; so, two Pletschet brothers married 
                      two Kerschen sisters.)  She was the daughter of
                      Corneil Kerschen +26NOV1880 and Marie-Josephine Toussaint.
                      On the young couple's wedding document, Marie-Josphine
                      Signed, but her husband had passed away 10-years earlier. 
                   They lived and farmed in Kaundorf until 1902, when they moved
                   to Soller.  It seems Marie-Therese's brother was single, and when
                   he died, his farm was empty.  As Uncle Wilhem told Maria 
                   Heusbourg-Thilmany, the fields and also the house and barns
                   In Soller were better and had more facilities.  Therefore the 
                   Pletschet Family left Kaundorf and moved to Soller in early
                   Spring 1902.  Bernard was then 11, Jean-Pierre 10, Willy 8,
                   And Marie-Anne was 5.  At that time their uncle from
                   Neunhausen, Auguste Pletschet, was a Priest in Doncols.  As
                   Doncols & Soller were a parish, the Pletschet children got 
                   Their religious instruction by their uncle.  Wilhelm-Michel
                   And Marie-Therese sold their house in Kaundorf, but the fields
                   Were kept.  With the help of relatives from Kaundorf they
                   Farmed both places.  Together they had four children:
                   11. Pletschet, Jean-Bernard *31JAN1891 - +13APR1977 
                       He emigrated to Canada from Luxembourg 23DEC1926. 
                       He arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia aboard the ship 
                    oo Puteria, Marie *3OCT1908 in Saskatchewan -+19NOV1949
                       Jean-Bernard went by the name “Bernard”.  He & Marie 
                       were married sometime in the 1930’s.
                       They lived in Edmonton, Canada.  
                       It appears they had five children:
                       12. Pletschet, Michael *19FEB1936
                           oo Kane, Maxine *??  oo in 1956
                           Together they had 5-children:
                           13. Pletschet, Carol Ann *12DEC1957
                           13. Pletschet, Douglas Michael *11DEC1958
                           13. Pletschet, Judith Muriel *23NOV1959
                           13. Pletschet, Patricia Marie *9FEB1961 - +29JAN1984
                           13. Pletschet, Robert Bernard *14JUL1962
                       12. Pletschet, George Albert *12MAY1937
                           oo Butler, Faye *??  oo 29AUG1958
                           Together they adopted one daughter:
                           13. Pletschet, Tracey Jane *??
                       12. Pletschet, Marie Anne *22OCT1939 - +04MAR1997 in 
                              Edmonton, Alberta, Canada at age 57
                           oo Hodgson, William *??
                              oo AUG1959
                           They had no children.
                       12. Pletschet, Joan Teresa *21MAY1942
                           oo Carlson, Ernest *6MAY1967
                           Together they live in Edmonton, Alberta
                       12. Pletschet, John Peter *5APR1945
                           Never married.
                   11. Pletschet, Jean-Pierre *24APR1892 - +1964.
                       Emigrated to to Canada around 1919
                       oo Joudry, Margaret *?? 
                          oo 17AUG1925
                       They lived in Canada until 1948 when they moved to 
                       California.  Together they had four children:
                       12. Pletschet, Irene *8OCT1928
    	             12. Pletschet, Cliff *16FEB1930
                       12. Pletschet, Jean *7APR1934
                       12. Pletschet, Fern *28APR1936
    	         11. Pletschet, Wilhelm (Willy) *28JUL1894 in Kaundorf
                       Emigrated to Beaver Crossing, Alberta, Canada in
                       July of 1927.  He later followed his bother to 
                       San Franciso in 1950
                   11. Pletschet, Marie-Anne 
                                      *10MAY1897 in Kaundorf +13MAY1952, 
                       oo Thilmany, Michel 
                                      *1JAN1895 in Oberwampach +25NOV1962
                          oo 25JUN1924
                       She was a professional dressmaker, and lived 
                       with her Parents in Soller until she married 
                       Michel Thilmany, a farmer from Oberwampach.    
                       Together they had seven children:
                       12. Thilmany, Therese *23APR1925 in Oberwampach
                           oo Weicker, Robeart from Petange
                              oo 8APR1950 in Oberwampach
                           They lived in Luxembourg City.  He was a 
                           government Employee.  When Therese died 
                           of breast cancer, their Young son, Robert/Roby, 
                           went to live with Maria Heusbourg-Thilmany 
                           and her husband. His father spent
                           His weekends and free-days visiting his son.
                           13. Weicker, Robert/Roby *1952 - +8OCT1964
                               According to Maria, Roby was a good and 
                               over-Intelligent child, but he died 
                               also in Luxembourg Eich (city?) after 
                               brain surgery.  He had a malignant
                               Tumor in his cerebellum.  
                               Robert remarried, they lost
                               Track of him, and has since passed away. 
                       12. Thilmany, Marie *12MAR1927
                           oo Heusbourg, Felix *?? From Brachtenbach
                              oo 3APR1956 
                       12. Thilmany, Theodore 
                                      *18SEP1928 +18FEB1929 from pneumonia
                       12. Thilmany, Theodore *29JAN1930
                           oo Hansen, Marie *16FEB1934
                              oo 31DEC1955 in Doncols - Divorced 28OCT1994.
                                 Theodore never remarried.
                           Together they lived in the farmhouse of 
                           his parents in Oberwampach.
                           13. Thilmany, Michele *19JAN1957
                               oo Schmit, Fred *?? From Holztum
                                  oo 13MAY1977
                                  They have no children.
                           13. Thilmany, Thea *18AUG1958 is single
                           13. Thilmany, Gerard *9MAR1961
                               oo Allard, Marie-Rose *25APR1962
                                  oo 8MAY1980 - Divorced 15JUL1992
                               14. Thilmany, Jerome *31AUG1981 in Wiltz
                               14. Thilmany, Romy *15DEC1987 in Wiltz
                               oo Gerard remarried Guiseppina 
                                                   *3MAR1970 in Turin/Italy
                                  oo 9OCT1992 Together they had 2 children:
                               14. Thilmany, Claudia *21NOV1992 in Wiltz
                               14. Thilmany, Valeria *1DEC1998 in Wiltz
                       12. Thilmany, Pierre *18JUL1933 - +19APR1945
                           During the Battle of the Bulge 1944-1945, 
                           he contracted Typhoid Fever and dyptheria.  
                           Because of the bombardment,
                           he could not be treated at that time.  
                           Too late he was brought to a hospital in 
                           Dudelange, where he died.  Later the 
                           government gave him the mention:  
                                    "MORT POUR LA PATRIE"
                           Which meands:  Died for his Homeland.
                       12. Thilmany, Jean (born dead)
    	 		 12. Thilmany, Irene *27DEC1940 in Luxembourg City
                           oo Mattiusi, Franco *5JAN1941 in Theor Italy
                              oo JUL1963
                           13. Mattiussi, Marianne 
                                        *2MAY1964 in Aarau, Switzerland
                               oo Rinaldi, Peter 
                                        *22JUN1958 in West Bromwich/England
                               They have two children:
                               14. Rinaldi, Giona *8JAN1992 in 
                               14. Rinaldi, Lia 
                                       *8JUN1994 in Sorengo/Luzanne/Switz.
                           13. Mattiussi, Denis  *1JUL1969    oo October 10th 2003
                               oo Tschuor, Tamara *23Nov1968 in Zurich/Switzerland
                                  Ferdinand-Hodler-Strasse 32 / CH-8049 Zurich / Switzerland 
                                  14. Mattiussi Andrin, Dennis *1NOV2005 in Baden/Switzerland
                                  14. Mattiussi Kaya, Tamara  *25OCT2010 in MuriAG/Switzerland
               10. Pletschet, Anna Katherina *16NOV1856 - +16NOV1856
               10. Pletschet, Nicolas *18OCT1857 - +02NOV1857
               10. Pletschet, Anna-Maria *17JAN1859 - +21AUG1859
               10. Pletschet, Maria *02SEP1860 - +17JUN1922
                   She was single and lived in Diekirch, Luxembourg,
                   where she had a store.  It is said she was a very
                   respected person.
               10. Pletschet, Wilhelm Michel *21SEP1862 - +??
                   oo ?? Kerschen (sister of Marie-Therese Kerchen)
                   So two Pletschet brothers married two Kerchen
                   sisters.  They lived in Limpertsberg, Luxembourg.
                   She died very young, and left behid two little boys.
                   Maria, their paternal aunt, took them to Diekirch,
                   gave them the best education, and helped them to find
                   a situation.
                   11. Pletschet, Michel *?? - +??
                   11. Pletschet, Guillaume (Wilhelm) *1899 - +??
               10. Pletschet, Nicolas *1865 - +31MAR1866
               10. Pletschet, Pierre/Peter *25AUG1867 - +27JAN1869
    	     10. Pletschet, Maria-Anna *08NOV1869 - +??
                   oo Boever, J. Peter *?? A farmer in Consthum
               10. Totge Borener Sohn, A son born dead *17MAR1873
               10. Pletschet, Bernard *30OCT1874 - +13JAN1888
            9. Pletschet, Jean Guillaume *01JUN1835 - +??
         8. Pletscher, Theresa *24JAN1794 in Neunhausen
                              + aft 26MAR1828 Nives, Belgique
            oo Lambin, Jean Hubert *18NOV1792 in Nives
                                   + Unknown
               oo 18MAY1813 in Nives, Belgique
               For more information on this family, see Theresa Pletscher
               on the Homepage.
         8. Pletschet, Maria-Catharina *DEC1796 +10JUN1802 (5yrs&7mos)
         8. Pletschet, Anna-Catharina *06FEB1801 in Neunhausen, +17MAR1855
            (Known as Anne-Marie)
            oo Palen, Joseph *1778 in Redange, Luxembourg
            For more information on this family, see the Palen Family Tree
            on the Homepage.
         8. Pletschet, Bernard *1803 
    Note:  Many names are spelled in both German version (Boeven) 
           and the French version (Bavigne).
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