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    Emmett PLETSCHETTE's Family Tree            first version: Aug. 29, 2000
    ====================================        last updated:  May. 03, 2003
    Emmett Pletschette's Family Tree/Le Mars, Iowa Updated June 25, 2002
    The following is my personal speculation.  The generations have been 
    numbered as to how I believe they fall in succession, and are subject 
    to revision:
    1. Pletschette, John. *1644 - +1712
       oo Meyers, Cath. *?? - +1725
    *Footnote:  The Spanish ruled Luxembourg until Austria took over in 1714.
    2. Pletschette, Paul *?? - +1734
       oo Mertz, Marg. *?? - +1740
    3. Pletschette, Jak. *?? - +1750
       oo Mack, Marg. *?? - +1761
    4. Pletschette, (Joh.) Jean *?? - +1755 - of Neunhausen
       oo Rausch, Maria *?? - +1732
    5. Nicolas Pletschette *?? - +1797
       oo Elisabeth Reding *1741 - +??
       Together they had 7-children:
         6. Jean-Nicolas Pletschette *1768 - +1841
            oo Catherine Wester *?? - + NOV1854
               oo 02MAR1767 in the house of Mertz
               Catherine was the daughter of Pierre Wester *?? - +1767?
               and Barbe Knepper
               (mariés le 2 mars 1767 en la maison Mertz L'épouse est 
               originaire de Reckange sur Messe; ses parents furent: 
               Pierre WESTER, décédé 
               [en 1767 ?] et Barbe KNEPPER (voir page 6). 
               Together they had 4-children:
            7. Jean PLETSCHETTE (* 22.04.1799, + 5 octobre 1864), 
                        Bourgmestre [de Grosbous] 1849-54 et 1858-64 
               oo Marie JEANMATHIEU (* 1801) 
                  (mariés en 1825 en la maison Mertz. 
                   Sans enfants. de la maison Theis de Bastendorf, fille de 
                   Nicolas JEANMATHTEU et Anne-Marguerite MEYERS 
                   (voir page 18). 
                   They had no children.
            7. Anne-Marie Pletschette (*+1796)  Died in infancy.
            7. Pierre PLETSCHETTE ?, 
               marié à Feulen, émigrés en Amérique  
               (This is the Pierre who I believe sailed on board the 
               Silvanus Jenkins, which arrived in New York in 1845)  
               Note:  Another Web Site, 
               Shows:  Pierre Pletschette-40 Male Farmer Grosbous to WISC
                       Maria Pletschette-33 Wife 
                       Jean I Pletschette-11 Son of Pierre & Maria
                       Jean II Pletschette-2y3m Son of Pierre & Maria  
                       Maria Pletschette-8m Daughter of Pierre & Maria
            This Pierre I believe is Freda & Donald's ancestor, who  
            Settled in the Carroll, Iowa area!
            7. Michel PLETSCHETTE (* vers 1810); émigré en Amérique 
               en 1867; 
               oo Suzanne JEANMATHIEU de Bastendorf (+ en avril 1859) 
               mariés en février 1837 en la maison Matters de Hovelange. 
               dont:  Together they had 2-sons, and it appears they all 
               emigrated to America:
               8. Jean-Pierre PLETSCHETTE (*vers 1838) 
                  oo Anne CLEES d'Oberpallen, mariés en fin 1858; 
                     commerçants en la maison Matters à Hovelange; 
                     faillite en 1864, émigré en Amérique; 
               8. Nicolas PLETSCHETTE (* vers 1840) (émigré en Amérique?) 
                  This Nicolas I believe to be Emmett Pletschette's 
                  ancestor who settled in the Plymouth County, Iowa area.
     The following is according to Emmett Pletschette's records:
    8. Nicolas Pletschette * 24FEB1840 - +27MAR1885 in Brooklyn, NY
       emigrated from LUX to Jackson County, Iowa and then to LeMars, 
       Plymouth County, Iowa.  According to Emmett, Nicolas went back to 
       LUX to see his relatives, and on the way back, became sick, and died 
       in NY (Please note his obituary, which was published in the 
       Luxembourg Gazette, which was translated by Charlene Meisner with 
       the help of Antje Petty of Max Kade Institue in Madison, Wisconson.) 
       Emmett's father, Grandfather, & GR-Grandfather are all buried in the 
       same cemetery in LeMars at St. Joe's.  They were all 
       farmers. According to Leonard Bindner, Nicolas' wife's last name was 
       KEMP. According to Phyllis Wolf, the Pletschette Family tombstone in 
       LeMars shows "Peter Kemp *1809 & +1893", who I assume was "Kath 
       Pletschette's (*1846 +1919) [birth date changed from 1840 to 1846   
       By Charlene Meisner] father. (See end for Phyllis' transcriptions of 
       Pletschette family tombstone in LeMars.)
       oo Kemp, Katherine *12FEB1846 in Olm, Luxembourg
                          Daughter of Peter Kemp & Anna Huberty.
                          +03APR1919, Buried at St. Joe's, LeMars, IA 
       We show they had 7-children (1-son & 2-daughters).    
       Two daughters died in childhood:
    9. Pletschette Anna *18DEC1867 in St. Donatus, Iowa
                        +23DEC1951 - Buried at St. Joe's, LeMars, IA
        oo Schnepf Charles *14DEC1863 in Freeport, Illinois
                           +20APR1930 - Buried at St. Joe's, LeMars, IA
           Charles' occupation: Lumberman, Farmer, merchant in LeMars, IA.
           oo 12MAY1891 in LeMars, Iowa
    	 Together they had 8-children:
        10. Schnepf, Katherine Susan *18APR1893 in Remsen, Iowa
                                     +03NOV1946 in San Francisco, CA
            oo Royster, Herbert *21JUN1893 in Calhoun, Georgia
                                +22OCT1963 in San Francisco, CA
               oo 08SEP 1924 in San Francisco, CA
    	     Herbert's occupation:  Machinist
              Together they had 2-sons:
    11.	Royster, Martin *29MAY1927 in San Francisco, CA
                         +06OCT1948 of Polio, San Francisco
    11.	Royster, Robert *??  In San Francisco, CA
                oo Mayes, Marita *??
                oo Millhollin, Bonnie *??
                Robert's occupation:  Dist. Mgr. Pacific Gas & Electric
        10. Schnepf, Cecile Francis *16AUG1895 in Remsen, Iowa
                                    +17MAY1967 in Minneapolis, MN
                                     Buried at St. Joe's, LeMars, IA
            oo Everds, John *?? +26MAY1968
               oo 06AUG1923 in Havre, MT
            John's occupation:  Manager at John Deere Tractor Co.,
                                Minneapolis, MN
            Together they had 1-son
            11. Everds, James *23NOV1926 in Atlanta, Georgia
                oo ??, Diane
                   oo 30MAR1952
        10. Schnepf, Leo Magnus *14MAR1897 in Remsen, IA
                                +22MAR1989 in Sioux City, IA
                                 Buried at St. Joe's, LeMars, IA
            Occupation:  Property Accountant at Iowa Public Service
                         For 39 years.
        10. Schnepf, Martin William *06APR1899 in Remsen, IA
                                    +09JUL1961 in Santa Maria, CA
                                     in an auto accident.  Buried at
                                     St. Joe's, LeMars, IA
            Occupation:  Shoe store owner
        10. Schnepf, Marie Elizabeth *07MAR1901 in Remsen, IA
                                     +16MAR1967 in Fort Dodge, IA
            oo Berner, Edwin *01JUL1904 +15JUN2002
               oo 20AUG1929 in LeMars, Iowa
               Edwin's occupation:  Vice-President of a jewelry store
                                    In Fort Dodge, IA
               Together they had 3-children:
    11.	Berner, John *?? in Burlington, IA
                oo Kelley, Barbara *??
                John's occupation:  Dietary Supervisor
    11.	Berner, Ann *?? In Burlington, IA
                oo Lake, George *??
                Ann's occupation:  High School teacher and as of 24JUN2002
                School librarian
              11. Berner, Edwin Lee *?? In Fort Dodge, IA
                  oo Lautz, Frances *??
                     Oo ?? in Bristol, Pennsylvania
                     Ed's occupation:  Thermal analyst
          10. Schnepf, Clarinda Caroline *23FEB1903 in LeMars, IA
                                         +27OCT1981 in Northbrook, Illinois
              oo Collins, Henry *02JAN1903 in South Yarmouth, Mass
                                +01APR1971 in Chicago, IL
                 oo 27AUG1927 in LeMars, IA
                 Henry's occupation:  President of a lumber company 
                                      in Chicago, IL
                 Together they had 2-children:
              11. Collins, William *25FEB1930 in Chicago, IL
                                   +05JUL1977 in San Francisco, CA
                  Occupation:  Sales-computer systems
              11. Collins, Patricia *?? In Chicago, IL
                  oo Horne, Peter *?? In Chicago, IL
                     oo ?? in Glenview, IL
                     Peter's occupation:  Bank Vice-President
                     Pat owns a gift shop in Winnetka, IL
          10. Schnepf, Rosalind *21SEP1906 in LeMars, IA
                                +27SEP1906 - Buried at St. Joe's,
                                             LeMars, IA
          10. Schnepf, Clarence William *20APR1910 in LeMars, IA
                                        +03JAN1989 in LeMars, IA 
          10. Clarence William Schnepf *20Apr1910 +3Jan1989 LeMars, IA
              oo Mayme Haddad *1Apr1915 +18Apr1996 Sioux City, IA
              oo 4Sep1938 Sioux City, IA
              From 1935 until 1961 Clarence farmed the land his 
              grandfather Nicholas Pletschette bought in 1879.
              Together they had 2 children.
              11. Sharon Schnepf
                  oo Stanley McCann in Sioux City, IA
                  oo Barrie Swift in Sioux City, IA
                  Sharon was an accounts payable clerk for 27 years 
                  at Iowa Public Service.
    ???       11. Charlene Schnepf
    ???           oo Charles Meisner in Milwaukee, WI
    ???           Charlene works in a public library.
    ???           12.	??, Charlene
    ???               oo Meisner, ??
    ???               Together they live near Milwaukee, WI
     9. Pletschette Peter *24JUL1869 +11MAY1955 LeMars, Iowa
        oo Feller Mary *03AUG1878 Sweldon, Iowa, 
                        +28MAR1943 LeMars, Iowa
        Together they had 11-children; 2-sons and 9-daughters
        10. Pletschette Josephine *15SEP1904 +12DEC1904
        10. Pletschette Lawrence *30DEC1905 +25DEC1906
        10. Pletschette Clara *03FEB1902 - +1975
            oo Loutsch Michael (Mike) *23NOV1898 +11SEP1975
               oo 10FEB1926   
           11. Loutsch Nicholas *14FEB1927
        	     oo Peterson Bernice 
           11. Loutsch Elaine *1929 - +1929
           11. Loutsch Arnold *30AUG1932
               oo Meister Mary Lou 
           11. Loutsch James (Jim) *08NOV1933
               oo Patnode Elaine 
           11. Loutsch Mary Jane *23SEP1935
               oo Marsh Farrell
                  oo 1961
               12. Marsh Candace Kay *01JUL1962
               12. Marsh Gene Michael *26MAR1964
               12. Marsh Ronnie *01OCT1966
               12. Marsh Steve *26NOV1968
           11. Loutsch Carol *20FEB1938
               oo Shimitz Larry
           11. Loutsch Marvin *10FEB1939
               oo Donelin Joan        
           11. Loutsch Marlene *30SEP1941
               oo Pinney LeRoy
       10. Pletschette Mathilda *10APR1903 +11APR1967
           oo Jochum Hubert *11MAR1900 +11MAY1980
              oo 08FEB1938
           11. Jochum Sister Marion O.S.F. *08APR1939
           11. Jochum William P. *09APR1941
               oo Kreber Marianne C. *??
                  oo 12OCT1968
               12. Jochum Thomas *24DEC1970
               12. Jochum Brian *25DEC1971
               12. Jochum Paula *28MAY1973
               12. Jochum Jeff *05JUN1977
               12. Jochum Jennifer *05JUN1979
           11. Jochum Leo R. *17APR1945
               oo Brockwold Beverly A. *14JUN1948
                  oo 07JUN1969
               12. Jochum Angela *19JUN1970
               12. Jochum Deborah *02MAR1973
               12. Jochum Gregory *15JUL1974
               12. Jochum Bradley *20NOC1975
               12. Jochum Stacey *13JAN1979
       10. Pletschette Nicholas *6Nov1899 +24DEC1991
           oo Jordan Sadie *24APR1908 +FEB1994
           11. Pletschette Evelyn *26DEC1924 +13SEP1951
               oo Gengler Al *31MAY1900
               12. Gengler Paul Allen *
                   oo Weidman Karen *
                   13. Gengler Stephanie *
               12. Gengler Judy Kay * 1951?
                   Oo Keffeler Jerry *
    Note:   Evelyn died after giving birth to her second child,      
    Judy.  Leo then married SHIRLEY THEISEN - Together they had 11-children:
    12. Gengler Melvin John *
    12. Gengler Wayne Francis *
    12. Gengler Nancy *
    12. Gengler Lori *
    12. Gengler Peggy *
    12. Gengler Bonnie *
    12. Gengler Cindy *
    12. Gengler Vicki *
    12. Gengler Glen *
    12. Gengler Pam *
    12. Gengler Kevin *
           11. Pletschette Daughter
       10. Pletschette Martin *14DEC1900 +22MAR1971
           oo Dengan Ellen *2SEP1902 +NOV1985
              oo 03FEB1926
           11. Pletschette Phyllis *??
               oo Wolf Lloyd *??
               Together they live in Remsen, IA
               12. Wolf, David
               12. Wolf, William
               12. Wolf, Kathryn
               12. Wolf, Jane
           11. Pletschette Mary Ellen *??
               oo Beierman Wendel *?? +1991
               oo Brannon Verdean *?? (Second Husband of Mary Ellen's)
           11. Pletschette Jean *??
               oo Higgins Charles *??
           11. Pletschette Emmett *??
               oo Kennedy Karen *25DEC1938
               12. Pletschette Julie *10MAY1966 in SFO
               12. Pletschette Paul *03DEC1967 in Los Gatos, CA
               12. Pletschette Amy *23SEP1969 in Los Gatos, CA
                   oo Polaski ??
               12. Pletschette Greg *4APR1977 in Los Gatos, CA
       10. Pletschette Christine Barbara *?? +16MAR1938
           oo Schuster Arthur Henry *26JUN1902 Pilot Grove, MO
                                    +09AUG1974 Pilot Grove, MO
              oo 17JUN1930
              Obituary:  Authur Henry SCHUSTER was born on 26 Jun 1902. 
              He married Christine PLETCHETTE on 17 Jun 1930. He married 
              Catherine WALTZ on 11 Apr 1942. He died on 9 Aug 1974 at 
              age 72. He was buried at St Joseph Cemetery, Pilot Grove,
              Cooper CO., MO.
           11. Schuster Mary Ann *01SEP1932
               oo Novotny Fred *03AUG 1930 in Taber SD
                  oo 20JUN1953
               12. Novotny Michele *29MAY1954
                   oo Windler Larry Eugene *12JUN1950 Emporia KS
                      oo 01JUL1978 in Arvada, CO
               12. Novotny Frederick Stephen *13JUL1956
               12. Novotny Kevin Leo *21MAY1957
               12. Novotny Christine Ann *12FEB1959
               12. Novotny Stephen Joseph *19MAR1963
               12. Novotny Mary *26MAR1964
           11. Schuster Arthur Henry, Jr.*21SEP1934, Cooper County, MO
               oo Werdel Marita June *30JUN1933 in Ree Heights SD
                  oo 13JUN1959 in Stephan Mission, SD
               12. Schuster Christine Barbara *22JAN1961
               12. Schuster Joseph Leo *12DEC1962
               12. Schuster John Arthur *21MAR1964
               12. Schuster Elisabeth Ann *15FEB1966
               12. Schuster David Anthony *21FEB1967
       10. Pletschette Helen *27NOV1912 in Oyens, Iowa 
           (She was a twin!!  See her Obituaray below.)
                              +28OCT1998 in Sioux City
           oo Bindner William *?? - +24JAN1979
              oo 08JUN1932 in LeMars
              Together they farmed in the Alton and 
              Granville, Iowa area. 
           11. Bindner Vincent
               oo ?? Judy of Marshalltow, Iowa
               12. Bindner Paul
               12. Bindner Nolan
               12. Bindner Katie
       10. Pletschette Cecelia *27NOV1912 - +?? (Helen's Twin!!)
           oo Pick Lawrence *8APR1910 +15APR1990
                  Buried at St. Marys in Alton, IA
           11. Pick Anthony - A Priest!!
               Presided at Donald Pletchette's funeral (Freda's cousin   
               In Carroll County, Iowa!!)
    11.	Pick Adam *??
    11.	Pick Lee *??
     11. Pick Phillip *??
       10. Pletschette Mildred
               oo Bindner Leonard of Marcus, Iowa (cousin to William)
       10. Pletschette Regina *18JAN1911 +19JAN1996
           oo ?? Miller
       10. Pletschette Agnes *26AUG1915 +18DEC1995
           oo Ike Swain *09NOV1916 in Morris, Minnesota
                        +13MAY1997 in Billings, Montana
              (eight grandchildren; and eight great-grandchild)
              (See his Obituary below)
              oo 31AUG1941 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa
           11. Swain Francis Martin 01Feb1943 Pueblo Co
              	married Sandy . ..... no children married 28Feb1972
           11. Swain David Lee  26July1947 Billings, Montana 
              	married Ardyce Killsimer 22May1951 married 25May1974
               2 children: Aaron 16Aug1981 not married
                           Teal 14May 1985 not married
           11. Swain Susana Eileen Suzanne 16Mar1944 
                Latterell  Richard 03April1945 of Minneapolis, Minnesota
                  married 05Aug1967
                  3 children(1) Rebecka Sue 22Nov1968
                  married Steven Bowerman Mpls,Mn
                  2 children: Nicole 05Apr1997	
                              (2) Rick  not married
                              (3) Cheryl 02July1979 not married
           11. Swain Joan Mildred 15Oct1952
               Lunder  Robert Curtis 11Feb1953of Billings, Montana
                       married 12Feb1972
               3 children: (1)Janette Marie 17May1973
               Clint O.Anderson 06Oct1968 Greybull Wy
               married 31Aug1996 three children: Megan
                   Marie 4May1998
                   Hailey Noelle
               Cole Curtis
               (2) Brenda Lynn 19April1996
               Kellan P Casey 03Feb1973
               Billings Mt
               married 03Aug1996
               two children: Riley Patrick 23DEC1999
               Emmalee Lynn 29July2002
               (2) Robert Scott 29Sept1979 Billings Mt	
    Concordia Gralapp 
    LE MARS, Iowa - 
    Concordia Gralapp, 97, of Le Mars died Thursday, June 3, 1999, at 
    Plymouth Manor Care Center in Le Mars following a lengthy illness. 
    Services will be at 10:30 a.m. Monday at St. Joseph's Catholic Church 
    in Le Mars, with her son the Rev. Robert Gralapp officiating. 
    Burial will be in Memorial Cemetery. Visitation will be after 4 p.m. 
    Sunday, with a rosary at 5 p.m. said by Catholic Daughters of America 
    and a vigil prayer service at 7:30 p.m., at the church. Arrangements 
    are under the direction of Fisch Funeral Home in Remsen, Iowa. 
    Mrs. Gralapp was born Feb. 24, 1902, in Le Mars, the daughter 
    of Nicholas P. and Margaret (Pletschette) Fisch. She was raised 
    in Le Mars and graduated from St. Joseph's Catholic High School 
    in 1920. She was employed with several businesses in Le Mars. 
    She married Darrell Gralapp on Aug. 25, 1937, in Le Mars. 
    The couple settled in Le Mars. He died June 7, 1982. She entered 
    The Abbey of Le Mars in May 1982. She entered the Plymouth Manor 
    Care Center in November 1996. 
    She was a member of St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Christian Mothers
    and Catholic Daughters of America. 
    Survivors include two sons, the Rev. Robert Gralapp of Manilla, 
    Iowa, and Allan and his wife, Mary of Sigourney, Iowa; three 
    grandchildren; and a brother and his wife, Ralph and Margaret 
    Fisch of Le Mars. 
    He was preceded in death by two brothers, Greg and Joseph V. Fisch; 
    and two sisters, Philomena Fisch and Esther Wagener. 
    Ike Swain 
    LE MARS, Iowa - Ike Swain, 80, of Billings, Mont., formerly of 
    Le Mars, died Tuesday at his residence in Billings. 
    Memorial Mass services will be at 10:30 a.m. Thursday at St. James 
    Catholic Church in Le Mars. Private burial services will be in 
    Calvary Cemetery at Le Mars. Visitation will be from 9:30 a.m. 
    until service time Thursday at the church. Feuerstein Funeral 
    Home in Le Mars is in charge of the arrangements. 
    Ike Swain 
    Ike Swain, 80, Billings, Mont., formerly of Joplin, died 
    Tuesday, May 13, 1997, at his home after a long illness. 
    Mr. Swain was born Nov. 9, 1916, in Morris, Minn. He worked in 
    steamfitting, as a blacksmith, and owned several businesses. 
    He owned the Olive Hotel-Motel, Supper Club and Lounge in 
    Miles City, Mont., before retiring in 1974. He then came to 
    Joplin where he lived on a hobby farm building furniture and 
    horse-drawn buggies. He moved to LeMars, Iowa, in 1990 and 
    returned to Montana last year. 
    He married Agnes Pletschette on Aug. 31, 1941, 
    in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, who preceded him in death. 
    He is survived by two sons, Francis Swain, Omaha, Neb., and 
    David Swain, Billings; two daughters, Eileen Latterell, 
    Minneapolis, Minn., and Joan Lunder, Billings; eight 
    grandchildren; and one great-grandchild.
    Helen Bindner 
    ALTON, Iowa - Helen Bindner, 85, of Alton died Wednesday, 
    Oct. 28, 1998, at a Sioux City hospital. 
    Services will be at 10:30 a.m. Saturday at St. Mary's Catholic 
    Church in Alton, with the Rev. Anthony Pick of Royal, Iowa, 
    and the Rev. James Tigges of Alton, officiating. Burial will 
    be in St. Mary's Cemetery. Visitation will be after 2 p.m. 
    today, with a rosary at 3 p.m. said by the St. Mary's Rosary 
    Society and a vigil prayer service at 7:30 p.m., at the church. 
    Arrangements are under the direction of Fisch Funeral Home in 
    Remsen, Iowa. 
    Mrs. Bindner was born Nov. 27, 1912, in rural Oyens, Iowa, 
    the daughter of Peter and Mary (Feller) Pletschette. She was 
    raised and educated the the Oyens area. She graduated from 
    Le Mars (Iowa) Community High School in 1930 and attended 
    Morningside College in Sioux City for one year. 
    She married William Bindner on June 8, 1932, in Le Mars. 
    The couple farmed in the Alton and Granville, Iowa area, 
    retiring and moving into Alton in 1968. He died 
    Jan. 24, 1979. She entered The Abbey of Le Mars in October 1990. 
    She was a member of St. Mary's Catholic Church, the Guild 
    and St. Mary's Rosary Society. 
    Survivors include a son and his wife, Vincent and Judy of 
    Marshalltown, Iowa; three grandchildren, Paul, Nolan and 
    Katie Bindner; and two sisters, her twin Cecelia Pick of 
    Alton and Mildred and her husband, Leonard Binder, 
    of Marcus, Iowa.
    She was preceded in death by two brothers, Martin and 
    Nick Pletschette; and five sisters, Clara Loutsch, 
    Mathilda Jochum, Christine Schuster, Regina Miller and Agnes Swain. 
    9. Maria Pletschette *26SEP1870 +07DEC1879
    9. Pletschette, Clara *1871 +16MAY1908
       oo Meis, Anton *1868 
          Anton was the son of Friederich Wilhelm Meis and Angela Tauke 
          oo 1893
          Together Clara & Anton (Tony) had the following 6-children:
          After Clara died, Anton remarried 26SEP1916 to Christina Marax
       10. Meis, Frank *DEC1895
           Frank died in France during World War I.
       10. Meis, Leo *?? +12JAN1961
           oo Heidesch, Mathilda
              oo NOV1926
           11. Meis, Clarice *??
               oo Langel, Roman *??
           11. Meis, Leon *??
               Oo Henrich, Ruth *??
       10. Meis, Wilhelmina *11MAR1894
           oo Delperdang, Pete *1935 in a farming accident
              oo 11JUL1916
              Wilhelmina and Pete farmed near Oyens, IA 
              and had 6-children:
           11. Delperdang, Rita *??
               oo Wiederholdt, Urban *??
           11. Delperdang, Mildred *??
               oo Kinney, Joe *??
           11. Delperdang, Dorothy *??
               oo Kung, Robert *??
           11. Delperdang, Theresa *??
               Christian Charity Convent - Sister Janet
           11. Delperdang, Ralph *??
               oo Madden, Dorothy *??
           11. Delperdang, Frances *??
               oo Weber, Rita *??
       10. Meis, Mary *01DEC1899 +NOV1989
           Mary (Sister Clarina) was a nun with the Christian Charity 
           Convent in Wilmette, IL. 
       10. Meis, Regina *26APR1905 +09OCT1966
           Regina (Sister Ligouria) was a nun with the Christian Charity 
           Convent in Wilmette, IL. 
       10. Meis, Ann *?? +22NOV1972
           Ann (Sister Paula) was a nun with the Franciscan order in 
           Dubuque, IA. 
    			Meis Family Tree
    Meis, Anton
    oo Theresa Schmidt
    1. Friederich Meis *14JUN1845 in von Siddinghausen, Germany
       oo Angela Tauke *1847 in IA
          oo 4 JUN 1867 in New Vienna, IA
    2. Meis, Anton *1868
       oo Pletschette, Clara *1871 +16MAY1908
    2. Meis, Henry *1869
       oo ??, Ann
          oo in Bellevue, IA
    2. Meis, Margaret *??
       oo Kemp, Hubert
    2. Meis, Josephine *??
       oo Neubel, Frank
    2. Meis, Herman Joseph *??
    2. Meis, Joseph I. *4 MAR 1882 in Le Mars, IA
       oo Roerig, Katherine Gertrude
          oo 28SEP1909 in Le Mars, IA
    9. Pletschette Margaret *01SEP1874, Jackson County, Iowa
        oo Fisch Nicholas P. *?? +27MAY1938
           oo 08MAY1894 in LeMars, Iowa
              Together they had 6-children:
        10. Fisch, Philomena *19FEB1895 +07FEB1968
        10. Fisch, Gregory *26DEC1898 +08FEB1973
        10. Fisch Concordia *24FEB1902 in LeMars
                            +03JUN1999 in LeMars
            (See her Obituary at the bottom)
            oo Gralapp Darrell *?? - +07JUN1982
               oo 25AUG1937 in LeMars 
           11. Gralapp Robert - Priest!!
           11. Gralapp Allan *??
               oo Roudabush, Mary *??
               12. Gralapp, Michelle *??
               12. Gralapp, Christopher *??
               12. Gralapp, ?? *??
       10. Fisch, Esther *22FEB1908 +08MAY1990
           oo Wagener, Joseph *01APR1911 +12NOV1991
              oo 05MAY1962 in LeMars, Iowa
       10. Fisch, Joseph *09OCT1909 +13APR1994
           oo Hennings, Adele *??
              Joseph rand Fisch Funeral Home in Remsen, Iowa
              Together they had 3-children:
           11. Fisch, Carol *??
               oo Farrold, Robert *??
           11. Fisch, David *12JUN1946 +16MAY1967 in Viet Nam
           11. Fisch, Joel *??
               oo Niggling, Jean *??
       10. Fisch, Ralph *??
           oo Feller, Marguerite *??
              Together they had 1-child:
           11. Fisch, James *??
               oo Nuebel, Lois *??
    9. Pletschette, Susan *28NOV1875 in Otter Creek, Iowa
                          +16MAY1944 at New Ulm, MN
       Susan was a nun; Sister Gabina with Christian Charity Convent
       In Wilmette, Illinois.
    9. Anna - M. Pletschette *5NOV1878 +1881
    Pletschette Family Tombstone, LeMars, Iowa as of 9/3/2001
    According to Phyllis Wolf, "it is so weather worn that I can't
    Make out some of the dates and words."
    Changes made 6/25/02 by Charlene Meisner.
    (Translation:  Here Rests)
    Nicolas Pletschette
    Geb 27FEB1840
    Gest 27MAR1885
    Wanderer hier lieg ich und warte
    Auf dich gebenicht - ruber sond -
    ern bete fur mich
    Heir in deisen garten mus
    Einer auf den andern warten
    ("and more I couldn't figure out, but no dates")
    According to Charlene Meisner, this translates to:
    Wanderer here I rest, and look on the ____ ____
    Separate for me.
    Here in this garden must one on the next wait.
    (Translation:  Here Rests)
    Maria Pletschette
    Geb 26SEP1870
    Gest 7DEC1879
    Anna - M. Pletschette
    Geb 8NOV1878
    Gest 5MAR1881
    (Translation:  Here Rests)
    Peter Kemp
    Geb 10FEB1809
    Gest 4OCT1893
    O donkeles ullrteul
    Dann Scheid elthr gevne
    Vonn irdischen reich
    (Translation:  Here Rests)
    Kath Pletschette
    Geb 12FEB1846
    Gest 3APR1919
    Note:  I sent an email to Fernand, asking for a possible 
           translation On September 10, 2001.
    Translation of Nicholas Pletschette's obituary in the 
    Luxembourg Gazette by Charlene Meisner with help from Antje 
    Petty of Max Kade Institute in Madison, Wisconsin
    April 7, 1885 (Page 5)
    As we have been told,
    recently N.Pletschette from LeMars,
    Plymouth Co., Iowa, took a trip to visit
    the old homeland.  On the return
    he was unwell on the steamship and upon
    landing in New York the same was so sick, that 
    he must lie sick in Hotel Kolb in bed.
    He lay sick to everlasting rest,
    Then to LeMars came a telegram,
    That Pletschette was dangerously sick, and two
    hours later another telegram, that he has the
    Spirit in the hands of his creator
    turned back.  The family is in great
    April 14, 1885 (Page 5, Column 1 & 2)
    Mr. Pletschette suffered a long time
    on a Bruchubel (Hernia?).  During the doctor's
    examination on the ship and the
    long time pulling into Castle Garden,
    he got a cold, which increased his
    suffering tremendously.  In Hotel
    Kolb in New York he would have received the best
    care if not for the advise of the 
    Priest who had been called, the ill one to
    St. Kathrina Hospital in Brooklyn to bring.
    Here then was the good nuns
    tender dedicated care not
    lacking; the best help from a doctor was
    available, but it was God's
    advise, that he far away from loved ones
    his soul in his creator's hands
    return.  After ten days of sickness
    death relieved himn from his suffering.
    Relieved and strengthened through the receipt
    of the holy sacraments of the Catholic
    Church, of which he was a faithful and devout member
    every day of his life.
    Mrs. Pletschette started to travel because of a 
    telegram, which the unhealth of her partner
    informed, accompanied by Mr. John 
    Beck of Remsen.  In Chicago
    a second telegram announced the death of her
    partner, and she arrived four days 
    after his death at his coffin.
    Friday the 2nd of April came the corpse here
    and was at the Catholic cemetery in
    LeMars under numerous participants
    laid to rest.
    Notes from Charlene:
    Many Luxembourgers settled in northeastern Iowa.  
    Jackson County, Iowa, is where Katherine Kemp's 
    family lived.  Charlene found naturalization index 
    cards for four Pletschettes in that part of Iowa.  
    There wasn't much information on the index cards, 
    but the ones found were:
    	Peter Platschette of Dubuque, IA in disctrict court 16MAY1855
    	Nicholas Pletschette of Dubuque in circuit court 08OCT1873
    	M. Platschetts of Dubuque, in district court 30JUL1874
    	Piet Pletschette of Iowa, from Luxembourg, in Jackson County
    		district court 10OCT1888
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